Thursday 22 November 2018

AD | Planning my ideal trip to New York

I've been to New York before, and I didn't fall in love with it like most people do - but I always think that it's somewhere I'd like to try again, do a little differently, and see if I can change my mind. Obviously NYC is an expensive trip so I'd have to plan every little bit in detail...and what better way to do that than write a blog post about it?! TravelPlanners have challenged me to plan my ideal holiday to New York so without further ado, here it is!

Photo by Laura Colledge
I'm a die hard Airbnb fan, and I found this gorgeous plant-filled homely looking apartment in the Williamsburg area of Brooklyn, which is around £65 a night - genuinely a lot less than I was expecting. I've heard that Brooklyn is a really cool part of the city so I think it would be amazing to stay there instead of one of the typical tourist city spots.

Brooklyn has loads of cool art galleries like American Medium (really clean and spacious and full of modern art) and Microscope Gallery which specialises in video, digital, sound and performance art, as well as loads of really cool music venues - how sick would it be to go to a gig in Brooklyn?! That would definitely be a must for my ideal NYC trip. Brooklyn also has Coney Island: a theme park, hot dog contests, the mermaid parade... it's just a must-visit. You'll also get the best view of the Manhattan skyline from Brooklyn, so all in all I think it's the borough to stay in, especially as it's a lot more chilled out.

Brooklyn top 5 picks: the Morbid Anatomy Museum, Dough, Wyckoff Street Mosaic, Torah Animal World, Abolitionist Place

Photo by Ashley
That's not to say I'd spend all of my time there, because I wouldn't - I'd be popping over to Manhattan too. I went to Ground Zero when I was last in New York, but that was almost 10 years ago and I would love to see how it's changed and grown since then. It was harrowing at the time, and I imagine it will be still, but I'm really intrigued. I would also re-visit Ellen's Stardust Diner in Times Square, purely because being in that place is the purest joy I have ever experienced in my life. It's absolutely magical - though I believe you now have to queue to get in because it's so popular!

Photo by Katie
For me, if I ever do go back to New York, the trip just wouldn't be complete without seeing a show on Broadway; tickets are pricey but this is my *ideal* trip, right? Of course, it would absolutely HAVE TO be Wicked. Defyyyyyyying Graaaaaaaaavity.

We did a lot of typical touristy Manhattan things when I was last in New York, so I think my ideal trip would involve skipping over them - but there are some things I'd like to do, like riding a bike around Central Park and visiting the Met. Plus I really want a nice picture of me in Times Square because the ones I have are just.....gross.

Manhattan top 5 picks: Alice in Wonderland statue, Bemelmans Bar, The High Line, El Sabroso, Brazened Books

Photo by Char
When I started writing this post, I thought it would only really be Brooklyn and Manhattan that I'd want to go to - but the more I read about the Bronx, the more I decided I would absolutely have to take a day trip (or two, actually, or even an overnight stay) there on my ideal New York holiday. The Bronx has the zoo, of course, and the botanical gardens; it's also where the Yankee Stadium is located, and I'm not really into baseball but I feel like a dream trip to NYC wouldn't be complete without a proper American baseball game.

There are loads of parks and outdoor spaces in the Bronx, which I think makes a nice change from the copious amount of tall buildings spread out across New York; Pelham Bay Park looks absolutely beautiful so a chilled out wander around there is a must!

Photo by Georgia
I've read loads of really good reviews of The Bronx Public, so it seems like brunch there would be an absolute necessity. Think neon signs, cool cocktails and a once-monthly hip hop brunch. I think I'd definitely have to time my trip right to go to that! Check out the Bronx Food Blog for more foodie ideas, though.

The Bronx top 5 picks: Edgar Allan Poe's cottage, Bronx Zoo bug carousel, Bartow Station, Bronx Brewery, Walter White's Crystal Methadonuts

Queens and Staten Island are the two boroughs I wouldn't be particularly desperate to explore during my ideal trip to New York but providing my trip was about 2 weeks long, a day trip to each of them isn't completely out of the question. I'd love to see the Louis Armstrong House Museum in Queens (I love a bit of jazz, and he's a legend) and go for cocktails at Dutch Kills, and as for Staten Island it would be so cool to explore the New York City Farm Colony - it's fascinating to read about if you have the chance - and have pizza at Mona Lisa.

Photo by Katie
So, to recap my ideal trip to New York: I'd be there for around 2 weeks so that nothing would be rushed and I could have some chill time as well as the high-paced city lifestyle, staying in Brooklyn and splitting most of my time between there and Manhattan. An overnight stay in The Bronx, if possible, as well as a day trip to Queens and Staten Island, would be the cherry on top. There'd be plenty of museums and cocktails, a lot of exploring, a sports game and a Broadway show, and a lot of Instagram opportunities. 

If you've been to New York, let me know if you did any of the things on my list - or what you'd recommend that I might have missed out. Obviously this trip is a pipe dream, but thanks so much to TravelPlanners for partnering with me on this blog post. You can check out their interactive New York map to help you plan YOUR ideal holiday to NYC by clicking here.

This post was written in collaboration with TravelPlanners but all 
words and opinions are my own, for more info please see my disclaimer.


  1. I am so, soooooo desperate to visit New York; it looks incredible!! xx

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  2. Ahh love this post so much! Wanna visit New York too :)