Tuesday 20 November 2018

Luxury gift ideas 2018

I’ve shared some affordable gifts during this gift guide series, and I also wanted to dedicate a post to some more expensive boujee gifts. You don’t need to spend a lot of money to treat your loved ones at Christmas time but if you’re in the position to do so, and you want to, here’s some luxury gift ideas for you drool over. Some of these items have been sent to me for consideration to be included in this gift guide series – I’ve only included the ones I really love, and you’ll know which products they are as there’ll be an asterisk next to the name.

Under £50

Some things seem really expensive for what they are, which earns them the title of 'luxury' in my opinion - for example, fancy candles. Diptyque are a beautiful luxury candle range, and their Christmas collection this year is no exception. They have three new scents in beautiful packaging, and a small candle will set you back £30 - definitely a luxury gift if you ask me! I have a Diptyque candle from the normal range and I just adore it. They are pricey but some people are really into candles so they can make a lovely gift. Jo Malone candles are £47, and they have some beautiful scents as well as a new Christmas collection and a charity candle.

diptyque christmas gifts

Fancy chocolates class as luxury gifts in my eyes, too - Hotel Chocolat particularly. They do a massive range of products and the price tag is higher than your average supermarket box of chocs. Their hampers start at £27.50 and you can get all sorts of gift sets too!

Over £50

jimmy choo perfume christmas

Perfume is a standard luxury gift when it comes to Christmas, I think. I included some more affordable scents in my beauty gift guide, but if you wanted to spend a bit more then you definitely can do with perfume – they can get so expensive but it's worth it. It helps to know what kind of scent whoever you’re buying for would normally choose, and you can’t go wrong with their signature scent if they have one. I don’t and I’m pretty fussy, but I was recently sent a few perfumes to try out for this gift guide. My two favourites were Jimmy Choo Original* (RRP £79 for 100ml) which smells like pear, orange, toffee & patchouli, and the new Girl of Now perfume* from Elie Saab (RRP £74 for 90ml) which smells like almond and orange. Both are in beautiful packaging and have such a special feel to them. Perfume is always on offer in the lead up to Christmas, so you may find a good deal on sites like Fragrance Direct or The Perfume Shop.

shiatsu back massager

This one is a bit more random: I think it’s the kind of thing someone wouldn’t really buy for themselves, but would love to receive. The Zenkuru Shiatsu Back Massager* came to me courtesy of a site called Cool Stuff and I absolutely love it. I have a bit of a bad back, nothing terrible but it aches a lot sometimes, and I just find this to be so helpful. One of my traditions when I travel is to use those massage chairs in the airport for two quid a pop, and this is basically like having one at home. I’ve got it set up on my home-office chair so I can just stick it on while I’m blogging if I feel like I need a bit of tension kneading away. It changes directions, and it heats up too if you want. It’s £60 which I think is SO worth it and I would so recommend it if you know someone who has a bad back or just loves a massage!

brew your own beer

home brewtique christmas gifting

Again, something a bit random but a really cool gift: Home Brewtique got in touch when I was putting feelers out for this gift guide and asked if they could send me a brew your own beer kit* to include if I liked it. I’m always up for trying something new so I thought why not – I’ve never brewed beer before but I do drink it, and so do a lot of my friends. The kit comes with all the brewing equipment you need (thought you will need a pan/stock pot!) and a recipe pack as well as 12 bottles to fill with your home brewed beer, complete with personalised labels for the bottles. I think this is genuinely such a cool present idea for the beer-lover in your life, or for the one who has it all; it’s £85 which, for everything you get, isn’t too bad in my opinion and the variety of beer you can choose to make is brilliant, too. Keep an eye out for a future blog post about my home brewing experience...

£100 and over

vendula book shop tote bag

Designer fashion and accessories definitely spring to mind when I think of luxury gifts, and you don’t need to opt for Burberry or Louis Vuitton to get something that’s a little bit luxe, good quality and really special. My favourite handbags come from Vendula, who offer really quirky designs that are well made, fairly priced and come in their own dust bag – a sure sign of something a little bit nice. They recently sent me the beautiful tote bag from their Old Book Shop range which I am, obviously, head over heels in love with. I love books and I love bags so this was an immediate winner for me; they have one that looks like a pub, a greengrocers, a sushi shop and more. The bag is brilliant quality and costs £100, although there are some cheaper bags in the range as well as some beautiful purses.

spa day christmas gift

Gifting someone an experience can be a fantastic idea - book them a fancy night away or a little spa day, theatre tickets or a trip to the zoo. It gives them the chance to make some amazing memories, and also it's something to look forward to. For my birthday my mum booked us a spa day and a stay at the lovely Formby Hall, and it was one of the best presents. Definitely something worth looking into.

Tech can get pricey, so it can be a great gift idea if you're looking to spoil someone; HMV have some amazing deals on record players at the minute, some of which might be under £100 if you get in quick (like this Victrola Modern Matte White Turntable which I am in love with) or some fancy headphones if that's the sort of thing they'll appreciate.

Luxury fashion items can make a really nice Christmas gift; if the person you're buying for has a certain brand they're really into (mine would be Dr Martens or Adidas) then getting them something from there, or a voucher to spend, is sure winner!

So there's some more luxury gift ideas for you - if you missed my affordable gift guide be sure to check that out, and keep your eyes peeled for the three more gift guides soon to come. Thanks for all the love on this series so far you are all absolute angels.

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