Friday 7 September 2018

Letterbox cake from bakerdays

Nothing says 'happy birthday' quite like cake, does it? It was my dad's birthday recently, and the lovely gang over at bakerdays offered to send a personalised cake to help us celebrate - so of course, I said yes!

bakerdays make cakes and cupcakes (and balloons) and you can have them personalised with photographs or messages for any occasion - as well as birthday cakes they do christening cakes, engagement cakes, hanukkah cakes, get well soon cakes and more! The process is really easy: just pick a template or design, then upload your photo/write your message and place your order!

I've not tried the cupcakes so can't vouch for how they're delivered etc, but the full sized cakes come in tins and are flat enough to fit through your letterbox - so they're not massive cakes, but there was enough for six of us to have a slice each and a bit left over for the dog. I'd opted for Victoria sponge, and it was basically the top half but with the jam and cream on the bottom, and it tasted amazing; you can also get chocolate or lemon drizzle, or gluten/dairy free which I think is great as it means there's an option for everyone.

The cake comes in a tin with little air holes and it arrived quite a few days before my dad's birthday, but it was still completely fresh when we opened it. I'd also been worried that the image might bleed the longer it was left, but it still looked perfect by the time we came to eat it!

At £14.99 for a 5-inch letterbox cake, this isn't the cheapest thing in the world but it looked cool and my dad was so made up with it - huge thank you to bakerdays for sending this over.

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