Friday 20 July 2018

Top 5 must-see acts at Kendal Calling 2018

It's almost time for another decent music festival, and so it's definitely time for another top 5 must-see acts post; Kendal Calling is on at Lowther Deer Park in the Lakes, and I can't find much in terms of stages/days etc but these are bands and artists I'd be watching if I was there. It's not a festival I've ever particularly wanted to go to or know much about, but the line up is really decent this year.

The Libertines // they're headlining so I think a lot of people will go and see them anyway, but The Libertines would be top of my list - I absolutely bloody love them, and have done for years. I've been lucky enough to see them twice and while the first time was a bit haphazard and stop-start, the second time was really magical. Their songs are amazing and the crowd is always boss.

Felix Hagan & the Family // these are quite far down the line up poster, but if you are going to Kendal Calling then I would so very highly recommend going to watch these. From what I've seen, their shows are brilliant - and their song 'Gene Kelly' is an absolute bop. Think glitter and theatrics and fun, and I reckon that's exactly what their set would be like.

Super Hans // when I saw this name on the line up I was a bit confused at first, but it actually is the guy from Peep Show; from what I've read online it's a bit of a comedic covers show, but as a huge Peep Show fan I would proper love to see this set.

Lucy Spraggan // I've seen Lucy a couple of times, and she adores the crowd - and it's mutual. Beer Fear is obviously such an iconic song, but she has some slower and really beautiful songs in her setlist too. Definitely a must-watch for me.

The Mysterines // if you know me, you'll know I'm all about supporting bands that are local to me - especially if they're as good as these three, who have recently supported Miles Kane on tour. They're a female-fronted band (and as we all know, the ratio of male to female acts at festivals is terrible) and they're from Liverpool, and they seem really really cool as well as being dead talented. 

If you're going to Kendal Calling, have fun, stay safe and let me know who you're planning on jamming out to!

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