Tuesday 19 June 2018

A very nostalgic playlist

Last week, I was sat in my kitchen with Holly and we'd listened to my Spring playlist which is, in her words, 'not as a shit as I expected' - but I didn't fancy playing it through again, so I was clicking on various Spotify playlists to see if there were any good ones. They mostly have the same old rubbish on them, and we settled for the 00s playlist which started off okay and then got suddenly brilliant when '5 Years Time' by Noah & The Whale came on. And then all these memories came rushing back of Now That's What I Call Music! 71 which I had on CD, and I used to play it on my CD player and dance around my room to '5 Years Time', 'Take Back The City' by Snow Patrol and 'Cookie Jar' by Gym Class Heroes. I was about 12 and I used to straighten my fringe but not the rest of my hair, and I wore stripy paperclips on my school tie and fancied a boy who from year 11 just because he had a flying V guitar, and I was possibly the least cool person on the planet. Not much has changed but this whole moment got me thinking of other songs that remind me of being young, so here's a very nostalgic playlist for you...

The Mission District supporting Simple Plan in Liverpool, 2008
The songs span a whole range of genres because when I was little, I loved boybands and Atomic Kitten and then one day, Kerrang! was on the TV and I heard 1985 by Bowling For Soup for the first time which was probably some sort of awakening. Although as songs go it's not particularly "heavy", it's a lot heavier than anything Boyzone have ever put out and I wanted more, so I sat on the living room floor and watched Kerrang! for hours and discovered there was a lot more to music than cheesy pop. And this playlist has cheesy pop on it, but it also has 'emo' music and pop punk and prog rock - a mish mash of musical wonder that perfectly illustrates my youth. 

What songs remind you of being younger? What gigs did you go to in your teens?

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