Friday 13 April 2018

Trying out Primark skincare

As someone with quite sensitive skin, I don't often tend to try out skincare from brands who aren't well-established in the beauty world. But lately my skin has been much better, and I really wanted to see what Primark had to offer in terms of budget-friendly skin saviours - so I headed to the Liverpool store and spent about £10 on all of this.

I'm a sucker for face masks, and I knew I had to try their Deep Cleansing Blueberry Bubble Mask because everyone loves a gimmick, right? This foamed up SO MUCH and smelt great, but I don't think it actually did anything for my skin and it was a bit stingy, so if you do have sensitive skin then be careful - maybe do a patch test on your hand or something. But it was only 80p and it was fun to watch it just expand all over my face, so it's worth it if you're having a pamper night.

One of the things I was most looking forward to trying was the Deep Cleanse Off Oil which is two quid and comes with a pump (!!!) - oils are one of my favourite ways to take my make up off, and this one is great. It's reaaaallly thick, rather than being too liquid-y, and it gets everything off really well. It does leave a bit of an oily film, but I would always second-cleanse anyway so it's not too much of a problem. If you're looking for a budget make up remover then this is a great choice!

I have a huge collection of moisturisers, but I couldn't resist adding the Rejuvenating Dream Cream to my bursting drawer of creams and gels and lotions; it's super thick and smells kind of fruity, in a good and not-too-overpowering way. Its active ingredients are 'night blooming cactus extract' (whatever that is) as well as vitamin b3, vitamin e, shea butter, wheatgerm oil and sunflower oil. Like I said, it's really thick and I definitely think that's down to the shea butter; it doesn't take ages to sink in, though, which is boss. I wouldn't say it's broken me out, either, although it hasn't done anything to help the breakouts I've already been dealing with. If you've got dry but fairly calm skin, give it a go - there's worse things to spend four quid on.

I also tried out the Black Diamond Brightening Rinse Off Mask which was again only 80p; it was a shiny grey colour on the skin and it didn't dry down like some masks do, which always unnerves me a bit, but overall it wasn't bad. Nothing to write home about, really, but it didn't have any adverse effects either.

Last but not least, and not really skincare, I've been using the Protect Colour Conditioner which was reduced two 2 quid. I like the simple pastel packaging it's in, and it smells nice, but other than that I definitely wouldn't recommend this - even just using it on the lengths of my hair seemed to just make my hair really greasy and lank, and it hasn't had any effect on my colour either. You can get much better hair care products on a budget if you go to Poundland or Home Bargains, or even Superdrug.

If you've tried any other great products from Primark's beauty range, let me know!

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