Saturday 7 April 2018

My travel shopping list

I've finally got a little holiday booked for this year - I'm flying out to Brussels in August to meet Holly from The Nuanced Notebook and her other half, Mike, at the end of their summer adventure travelling around Europe. I'll be in Belgium for 5 days, and I'm so excited. I've challenged myself and haven't bothered booking any hold luggage - it'll just be me, my handbag and my cabin suitcase. So it'll be a trip to pack light for, and I've been scouring the internet to see what I need to get my hands on to make this easier... fingers crossed, anyway.

I first heard about packing cubes from Brogan and I think they're such a good idea when it comes to making sure all your stuff is in its place - with only having a little suitcase, packing cubes mean I'll be able to cram as much as I can into each one without everything spilling out as I try to zip it up. An absolutely genius idea, if you ask me - underwear in one, tops in one, bottoms in another. My suitcase will be 10x more organised than my life and I'm definitely okay with that. These packing cubes from eBay are less than eight quid for the 6 of them, and I love the pattern. I know you can pay a lot more for better-quality cubes but budget travelling is my thing. 

Something that's really important when travelling in the summer is staying hydrated, and with Brussels being the capital city I can imagine a bottle of water will set me back a few euros that I'd honestly rather spend on beer/chocolate/entrance fees to all of the museums. With that in mind, I've been looking at travel water bottles and I love the que Bottle - it collapses down to half it's size and it comes in a range of cool and aesthetically pleasing colours. It also means that you're not adding to the single-use plastic problem, and it's not something that has to be reserved for travelling either; take it to the office or the gym or wherever, too. 10% of profits go to Rainforest Trust which is a cool bonus. You can get these on Amazon or via Bear&Bear if you're in the UK.

An absolute must-have when it comes to travelling (or literally any time I leave my house) is my headphones and as I'll be travelling alone, this is more important than ever as there will be nobody there for me to annoy on the plane and for the first two days of my trip. I'm getting pretty sick of my in-ear headphones because I find that I only have to move about 3 inches and they fall out, so I think it may be time to invest in some 'proper' headphones. I used to have some but they were pink and had skulls on them, so they definitely weren't as chic as these white and rose gold Philips headphones that I've fallen in love with. These fold completely flat, so they're great for saving space, and they're probably not great sound-wise but for £35 I think they're pretty boss.

If you have any more idea of things that might make travelling light a bit easier, please let me know!

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