Monday 23 April 2018

Music Monday - D

Look at me getting week 4 up on time - here's the low down on some fab bands/artists that you might not have heard of, all beginning with the letter D. As always, please leave recommendations in the comments for future weeks if you have any!

David Gorman // I stumbled across David on Spotify; he's from Manchester and records/mixes/masters all of his music at home which is remarkable to me, as someone who can just about record a voice note on my phone. And his stuff is so lovely too, and I think it's perfect Sunday-afternoon-in-spring listening.
Favourite song: Rain
Where to listen: HERE

David Gorman.
Photo used with permission.

Deva Mahal // Initially, I was like "this isn't my sort of music" and really, it's not - this isn't what I normally listen to at all, but there's no denying Deva's talent and that she's amazing at what she does. Her songs are upbeat and catchy, proper BBQ songs, blues-y but with a bit of other stuff going on too and I think her music is truly special.
Favourite song: Snakes
Where to listen: HERE or HERE

Dearist // Five guys from Wolverhampton, taking inspiration from Taking Back Sunday and Rival Schools and such like; it's rock and it's cool and it's kind of fresh, too. Their album comes out this week which is exciting, and I'm looking forward to seeing where life takes them!
Favourite song: Beaches
Where to listen: HERE or HERE

Are you already a fan of any of these? Let me know!

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