Monday 16 October 2017

Where we ate in Prague

Sam and I have recently been to Prague, so be prepared for a lot of related blog content - I'll intersperse it with other posts, but I really want to do more travel blogging so I'm starting to make a conscious effort to blog about everything and anything related to each trip that we take. That brings us to now, starting with where we ate in Prague.

Last time I visited Prague as part of my uni course, me and my pals went to a restaurant where they delivered your cocktail via small mechanical train - and obviously I was dying to take Sam there so she could experience it herself. We wandered over to the Palladium (mall) and made our way up to Vytopna, settling ourself in the yellow train section of the restaurant. We each ordered a cocktail and a pizza, and we got a side of home made tortilla chips and dipping sauce, and even with the small charge for "track maintenance" it only came to just over £20 - so worth it for nice cocktails, lovely food, and the train aspect. Literally, our cocktails were sent along a track to us on a little train that came right onto our table. BLESSED. I was so excited I didn't get an pictures of the train, and the vlog camera wasn't working, but believe me it's amazing. See their site here.

One of the regulars in the pub I work in has visited Prague a lot over the years, and since I told him I was going he told me over & over about a microbrewery/restaurant called Pivovarsky Dum which is in Prague2. It's such a lovely restaurant, with big copper tanks and friendly staff, and we ordered a taster palette of 8 different beers which we vlogged ourselves tasting, so keep your eyes peeled for that! Alongside that, we both had chicken schnitzel and mash with a big drink of coke each to wash down the nettle/cherry/banana flavoured beers, and again it came to around the £23 mark. See their site here.

After visiting the 'man hanging out', a statue of Sigmund Freud hanging off a building, we decided we were absolutely ravenous -  in our search for food, we stumbled upon a restaurant called Monarch. We were in time for their lunch menu, so we stepped inside and made ourselves comfortable. From the huge cocktails to the acoustic covers playing softly through the speakers, with attentive staff and lovely food, this is definitely one I'd recommend. We both ordered chicken in paprika sauce with jasmine rice, and while it wasn't particularly full of flavour it was still delicious and incredibly filling. For a cocktail each (did I mention they're huge?) and the food, it was bang on twenty quid. The atmosphere in here was a delight, too. See their site here.

We also had a McDonalds, and a day where we mostly snacked, and we visited some lovely cafes - but these three restaurants were amazing and I wanted to give them a shout out. Service was fast everywhere, and portion sizes were always huge - two things I'm definitely not complaining about! I'm a notoriously fussy eater (ask any of my pals) and I didn't struggle to eat in Prague, and I wouldn't say we had a bad experience anywhere.

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  1. Wow these dishes look delicious. I'm trying to cut out meat but that Chicken in Paprika dish looks delicious and something I could definitely see me ordering off a menu.

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