Friday 28 July 2017

Home Decor Wishlist

Sam and I are decorating our room at my mum & dad's house, because we can't afford to move out and we need more storage/a room that better represents the two of us. The walls are gonna be white and we're starting a gallery wall, and we've got a label maker. Exciting times ahead - so here's a few bits I've got my eye on for the new room.

First off is this really cute wall hanging from Matalan - it's only a tenner and I think it's so cute - with the walls being white I think it's important to add as much texture as possible to stop things looking boring/clinical, and I love this. Same with the dream catcher, which has a pop of coral (my fave) and is a complete steal for three quid from good old Primark. This white bottle/vase keeps with the white theme, and it will be SO cute with flowers in - real or fake! It's £5.50 from Dunelm and I think it's adorable.

As light fittings go, this is pretty expensive at £90 - but I just adore it. If anyone knows of anything similar that's not too expensive, let me know because I love everything about it: industrial but chic, and a proper statement. It's from Urban Outfitters, hence the hefty price tag. I love this little silver plant pot, and I think we'll definitely be adding some plants to our room to bring a bit of life into it! This one is from H&M and it's less than a tenner. Last but not least is this clock - we don't really need a clock, but if we were gonna get one I'd love it to be this one. Geometric patterns are so cool and interesting, and the colours on this are just lush. It's £65 from Not on the High Street but a girl can dream, right?

Let me know your favourite places to buy inexpensive homeware from!

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