Wednesday 19 July 2017

Changos Burrito Bar, Liverpool

If there's one thing I've been doing lately, it's trying new food - and when Changos Burrito Bar invited me down to try a burrito I just couldn't say no. The bar is located on Dale Street in Liverpool, right by all the fancy offices - meaning it's ideal for your lunch hour as it's a bit like grown up fast food.

You can get white or wholemeal tortillas, nachos, or just the filling in a box if you're off the carbs, and then you choose what meat you want - chicken, pork or beef (and there's a daily veggie option) - and then you add fillings: rice, beans, cheese, crushed nachos, sauce, vegetables, guacamole, salsa, you name it. Then it's all bundled and wrapped up for you, and we got our's as a meal deal with a can and some extra nachos.

It's honestly like Subway for burritos and I truly loved it - the food was incredibly tasty, and it was ready really quickly meaning if you're in a rush it's perfect. The prices aren't too bad, either, and you can get beer too!

If you're in Liverpool and thinking about somewhere to go for a quick bite to eat (although the decor is to die for if you do fancy hanging about!) then I'd 100% recommend Changos Burrito Bar!

Have you tried any good food lately?

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