Thursday 1 June 2017

Where I'm going in 2017

I mean, really this post is where I'm going in the second half of 2017 but really that's a bit long for a blog post title, so here we are. I have some holidays planned for the remainder of the year and I thought you might wanna know - also if you have any recommendations for stuff to do in any of these places lemme know!

Our soonest trip is Porto in Portugal with Sam, Kaz and Caitlin. As a group we are all hilarious and also a bit daft so this is bound to be one funny holiday. Plans thus far include sleeping, alcohol, escape rooms and museums. We're going for a week and therefore this is the holiday-est holiday I'm going on this year, in that it's a decent amount of time so we'll be able to chill out, plus it's gonna be warm and sunny.

A few weeks after, Sam and I are heading to Nuremberg, Germany, for a few days full of WW2 history. If you don't know, WW2 is one of my big things (I did both of my creative writing projects at uni about Nazi Germany) and I'm so interested in seeing what Nuremberg has to show me. We're going for my birthday and I can't wait.

When we get back from Germany we have to wait a few months for our next trip: Prague, Czech Republic. I've been before, with uni, and I'm so excited to explore the city in a completely different way with Sam. Less radio stations, more selfie spots and a cute Air B n B instead of a 70s motel.

Our next trip is Lublin, Poland - y'all know me and Sam live for going to Poland whenever possible, because we love the people and the food and the cheap cosmetics. This one is for Sam's birthday and it's a part of Poland we've never been to before and don't know much about, so we can't wait.

We're tempted to fit in a trip to Amsterdam, too, but it's a toss up between that and saving for our trip to America in January. I'm sure we'll end up going, though! Ps if you're going anywhere and want to stay in an Air B n B, sign up using my link - you'll get £30 off and I'll get £15 travel credit for my next adventure:

What do your travel plans look like for 2017?

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