Wednesday 14 June 2017

Low vs mid vs high end haircare

I'm not really massively into haircare, but with my hair being dyed I really should make an effort so I have been trying, and I decided to do this post comparing shampoo and conditioner duos from different price ranges to see if it's really worth splashing out on looking after your locks.

Low end: Creightons are a brand I always see in Home Bargains, and in my eyes their products are like dupes of the John Frieda stuff. But anyway, it cost me less than two quid for the shampoo and conditioner in their Argan Smooth range. It smells okay, not the best but not the worst, and the shampoo lathers up pretty well. The conditioner felt a bit sticky to use, but the two products in conjunction with each other left my hair feeling amazing so if you're on a budget, I would highly recommend these!

In the middle: Toni&Guy are a brand I haven't delved into that much, but their PR is so lovely and has sent me a bunch of stuff - they were also in our May Curated Combo box, too - so I've been able to try some bits out. I have the shampoo* and conditioner* for damaged hair, and I love them. They smell nice (not my fave) and I love the sleek packaging with the push down lids - plus the shampoo is SO EASY to lather. They really do leave my hair feeling amazing, to be fair, and for £7.19 each they're not too bad. You can get them on offer a lot of the time, too!

High end: Show Beauty are priceeeeeey, and their packaging shows it - it's all black and gold and crystal, and it does look gorgeous on display in the bathroom but it's it worth shelling out £60 for the shampoo and conditioner together? I have the Sublime repair range*, and it does make my hair feel boss but it smells gross and the pump packaging is so slow. I also found the shampoo really stiff and difficult to lather which is off-putting, and they're just not that enjoyable to use especially for the price. Thumbs down from me, sorry guys.

So - the low and middle end products were my favourites, and I didn't like the pricey one which just goes to show, just because you pay more for something doesn't mean it'll be better!


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