Wednesday 7 June 2017

Last minute holiday tips

When it comes to holidays I like to think I'm organised AF, but in reality I'm on my way to the airport without any adaptor plugs and having to pay twelve quid for a bog standard one from W H Smiths just before the gate. So I've had a long, hard think about it and put together some tips for those final days before your holiday!

Lists are your friends - I write lists about most things, and holidays are no exception. I tend to write a list of everything we need to take, then tick them off as we buy them or if I know we've already gor them, and tick them off again as they're packed. That way you can be sure you've got everything you need, and if you didn't write it on your list in the first place it's probably not a necessity!

Get your details - remind yourself over and over again of the date/time of your flight, and what airport your flying from/to, and what your accommodation is called/exactly where it is. Have all of this information on your phone but also have it written down in case your phone dies or is lost/stolen. You can download your boarding pass onto your phone, too, which is actually SO handy.

Plan your journey - make sure you know how you're getting to the airport, whether it's a 24 hour bus service or squished in your mate's KA, it's best not to leave it 'til the night before to plan how to get there. Similarly with on the other side: is there a train that gets you from the airport to the destination, and do you need to book it in advance? Can you get a taxi, or will it cost you half your spending money? Helps to find out, and someone on the internet will have done the same journey before you and be at the ready with answers.

Buy cheap accessories - this is particularly relevant if your holiday has been booked last minute, which mine haven't but as a skint student it's something I stick to anyway. My holiday jewellery is all from Primark, as are my 90p flip flops and my pom pom beach bag. I'd fallen in love with a forty quid beach bag from M&S and I've basically been dreaming about it but that's more than a whole night's wages from the pub and I can't justify it. Sure I'll have to leave the flip flops there but they cost me less than a sausage roll and they're cute, too.

Get a good book (or four) - depending on the length and type of your holiday, you might be chilling a lot or have long journeys so you'll need to keep yourself entertained at times. Take books (or an e-reader) or puzzles or a handheld gaming device or whatever the kids use these days, and just relaaaaax man. You deserve it; we all do!

Got any more last min holiday tips for me? I go away on Monday so hit me up!

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  1. I totally picked up Primark's 90p flip flops for my last holiday too - they're flip flops, you can't really go wrong! Have a great time on Monday, eeek!

    Steph -