Friday 9 June 2017

A year after uni

Technically, a year after my undergrad - because I'm still at uni, I'm still a student. My masters degree ends in October, but it's been a whole year (ish) since I finished my undergraduate degree in journalism and creative writing.

So - where am I now? Alongside my masters, I'm a freelance content writer and social media manager as well as a bar maid. I write blog posts for people's websites, partner with brands on my own blog, run companies' Twitters for them - and pull pints at the weekend. I'm travelling as much and as far as I can, and having fun along the way.

In terms of education, we've fallen out of love a bit. My masters is without a doubt the hardest thing I've ever done; it's a lot of work, and no matter how good I think an essay is, it comes back with a low mark and negative comments. But to me, it doesn't matter that much any more - I'll come out of this with a masters, and it's not like I want a job in academia anymore. It's an incredibly toxic environment, full of old white men and secret Tories, patronising people and language only understood by people already in the know. I want my research to make a difference; I want it to be accessible to people who aren't academics, who don't get the jargon - I don't want it to be read solely by people who already know what there is to know.

I wanted to be a lecturer, to further my research and teach others but it's just not something I want to do any more - my plan is to go into youth work, to work with LGBT+ youth in the community, to make a real difference instead of just writing essay after essay for smart people to read. That's not to say academia isn't important, because it really, really is, it's just not me.

My undergraduate degree was the best thing I ever did - I'm still using those skills with my writing, with my freelance work, even at the pub (I haven't always had impeccable social skills, you know...). I think, for now, I'm happy to carry on doing what I'm doing; you don't have to have your entire life planned out at 21, and I'd rather be having fun and getting by than stressing out about things beyond my control.

What have you learnt since leaving uni?

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