Thursday 4 May 2017

Cetraben // Review

If you've been reading my blog for a while or know me personally, you might know I suffer from eczema. I have done since I was a baby - I'm currently waiting on some allergy tests, and my eczema is quite bad at the minute. Cetraben reached out to me about their new cleansing cream and offered to send me some goodies - and I couldn't say no, given the state my skin is in right now!

First up - Cetraben cream. If you have eczema you will no doubt have tried this or something similar; it's a thick white emollient cream that you have to work hard to rub in, and it has that paraffin-esque smell that I personally love. It's so moisturising and leaves the skin feeling soft and plump, if a tiny bit greasy.

The lotion is my personal favourite - it's much thinner and more watery than the cream, but it's easy to work into the skin and sinks in like a dream. It's not as moisturising but I love this for under make up and on my body in the morning when I've got to get dresses and don't want to feel sticky.

The new cleansing cream is really interesting to me - you can use it as a cleanser and a cream. I tried it for getting make up off and it's not great, especially if you do have eczema or sensitive skin, as you have to scrub a bit which is a no-no for me. As a shower gel sort of thing, though, it's great at cleaning and nourishing the skin. In the past, doctors have advised me to use cream as a soap substitute anyway, so I'm not sure if there's a need for a separate cream cleanser but I do like it a lot, and I guess it's handy to have two separate ones so there's one in the bathroom and one in our bedroom!

What do you use for your eczema or sensitive skin?

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