Friday 7 April 2017

Super Cute Box // Review

I love the idea of subscription boxes and I love reviewing them on my blog, so when Super Cute Box* offered to send me one, I couldn't say no. I adore cutesy things, so I couldn't wait to see what would be inside. Super Cute Box retails for £18 for a one off box (perfect to give as a gift) and then £15 or £16 a month depending on how long you take your subscription out for.

So what did I get in mine? There were two tiny little chocolate Easter eggs, and then the good stuff: Sailor Moon socks, a Totoro purse & pencil case, some sticky tabs (a must when you're doing a degree) and a cute/slightly cheeky birthday card as well as some adorable cat earrings. For a total of £15-£18, I don't think this is bad at all especially if anime is your thing. I would have preferred a bit of Hello Kitty, personally, but that's just me - and I think that's the issue with subscription boxes, because 99% of them are complete surprises when it comes to what's inside: you don't know if you're actually going to like any of it. But if you like cute things, you'll like Super Cute Box.

I am SO excited to wear the Sailor Moon socks, because they're adorable as heck, and the pencil case/purse will probably go to Sam's lil baby cousin. The earrings are cute, too, and I'm all about funky earrings so I'll get some use out of them. Like I said, the sticky tabs are useful - and so are birthday cards especially if you're like me and always forget people's birthdays :) :) :)

Would I recommend Super Cute Box? Yes - probably not for me, but if you're into Japanese culture/anime/similar things, you'll love it every month.

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  1. I've never heard of this box before, but it's surely "Super Cute!" Love the Sailor Moon socks! :)

    Olivia x | Liviatiana