Wednesday 5 April 2017

L'Oreal Pure Clay Detox Wash

If you watched my latest youtube video (I promise there'll be new ones soon, but #CarnLIVal is taking priority right now!) then you know I bought a lot of skincare - and I've been slowly trying it out. One of my favourites has been the Pure Clay detox wash from L'Oreal, which you apparently can get in Boots/Superdrug, but I've never seen it!

Anyway, I absolutely love this stuff. It has that generic L'Oreal scent, and it's a dark grey/black colour. The consistency is like a very thick gel that lathers when it's mixed with water, which I wasn't expecting. I like it, though, because when it lathers it makes me feel like it's really doing something. It hasn't broken me out, it hasn't given me any rashes or red patches or anything - in fact when I didn't use it, I definitely noticed a difference it my skin. You only need a little bit, and the tube is pretty big, so I have a feeling it'll last a while!

It's one of those products that does what it says and feels nice to use. Would definitely recommend!

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