Monday 20 March 2017

The Sin Eater's Daughter // Review

There are some books that I seem to own for ages without reading them, and The Sin Eater's Daughter was one of these - I'd heard so much about it, and then I finally got my hands on it, and then I just didn't read it for months. But our trip to Poznan meant two plane journeys and some down time, so I decided now was the time to read it.

The Sin Eater's Daughter is out of my comfort zone 100% - it's fantasy, and I don't read fantasy. It's just not my thing but, somehow, I felt at home with this book. I didn't expect to connect with the characters, and for the most part I didn't, which was fine; there were little bits, though, where I felt I could relate to them. The characters all had good and bad in them, and sometimes it was hard to know who to trust and how to feel; the story was intriguing, a constant rollercoaster of positives and negatives, of feelings and direction and sensations. I felt as though I was being lurched and thrown about in all different directions - not that the plot didn't make sense, it just jumped around a bit and I found myself having to flick back every now and then, to check I was getting it.

But I did get it, and I did love it - the imagery and the way the book is written is so powerful. The words flow like silk and it's incredibly beautiful without being cliché, without being textbook fantasy or textbook YA or textbook anything. Bits of it were the tiniest little bit underwhelming, but it quickly picked up again and, all in all, I felt sucked in - I felt like I was in their world, a world I have no place in but one I'd visit if I could. And I can, I guess, because there's more books in the series and I'm honestly dying to read them.

Am I a new-found fantasy lover? Time will tell!

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