Saturday 25 March 2017

Poznan Photo Diary, March 2017

We recently went to Poznan for a 5-day break, and we fell head over heels in love with the Polish city. We visited lakes, malls, the zoo; we saw the old town, the new suburbs, the bits in between; we passed the university, ate chocolate fondue, bought too much skincare. Here's my favourite photos.

Polska / snack war / lake #1

when u bring ur umbrella n it doesn't even rain / palm house / church #1

candid #1 / panoramic views / succulents

three musketeers / old town / pretty gal

with a tree / church #2 / town

pink church !!! / town hall / bus stop graffiti

peacocks / flowers / bats

lake #2 / selfie / town hall in the rain

sunny old town statue / tanked / panoramic views

sunny old town statue #2 / park Cytadela / views

room full of cacti / pretty buildings / candid #2

town hall #3 / pretty park / (scientology) church #3

Have you ever been to Poznan? We loved it so much & can't wait to go back!

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