Friday 3 March 2017

Our Poznan Plans

You may or may not know, Sam and I are heading to Poznan (western Poland, it cost us less than £50 each yadda yadda) in a couple of weeks, and I've been eagerly looking up things to do - so here's our plans, albeit very loose.

Us 2 in Spain
There are two (TWO!!!!) castles in Poznan - the Imperial Castle, constructed in 1920 under German rules, and the Royal Castle which dates as far back as 1249. I love castles and they make for gorgeous Instagram photos, and hopefully we'll be able to go inside and explore, so I can pretend to be a princess.

We loved the zoo in Riga, so we're planning a trip to the new zoo (it's not new per se, it's just that there's also an old zoo...) to see what we can see, see, see. It apparently involves a lot of walking, but there's a train that takes you around it which sounds exciting, plus they've got some rare animals as well as the usual elephants and meerkats.

There's a town hall, like there is in most places, in a little old square with colourful buildings - again, can you imagine the Instagrams?! - and the town hall has these two little mechanical goats who come out and fight. Amazing.

The Park Cytadela is the site of an old fort from the 19th century with structural remains (which look so cool) and cemeteries and sculptures and museums with tanks and stuff. I can imagine this to be a really interesting one!

You can bet we'll be vlogging our adventures
On top of all this, the architecture looks stunning - colourful houses, buildings from different centuries and loads of little archways. I'm sooooo excited to see what we get up to while we're there, and I'll definitely have a blog post about it when we're home!

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