Saturday 18 March 2017

My current everyday make up

I don't actually wear make-up every day, because I mostly work freelance from my bed so there isn't much point - but for uni days and pub shifts and rare social occasions, I tend to stick to a simple make up look.

I always use a primer and lately I've been loving using really glowy ones like the Pixi glowtion day dew* which is actually a moisturiser but works really well as a primer for me; I follow that with colour correcting, using my little Wet n Wild compact which is the cutest thing and works pretty well - in the past I've found the colours too dark for my fair skin but if I use them with a brush, they're pretty spot on. Next up is foundation, and I tend to alternate depending on what my skin is like. My current favourites are the Make Up Forever stick foundation, Garnier BB Cream* and MAC Studio Fix Fluid.

I conceal under my eyes/down my nose/on my forehead with a brightening concealer - my beloved UD Naked has run out, so I'm using the YSL Touche Éclat which isn't as good but still does the job. On the days I can be bothered to powder I steal a bit of Sam's beloved Vichy Dermablend powder which is 10/10 and pop some where I need it. Then I move onto the good stuff.

For contour I'm using a NYX pan that I got in Latvia (haul here) which is sooooo good and so pigmented and I love it. I'm pale and it works so thumbs up from me! For blusher, which I feel is a hard thing to get right, I've actually been loving cream blushers lately which is a huge surprise to me as I've never got on with them in the past - I've been using one by Rosie for Autograph (swoon) on a stippling brush, and it's fab. For highlighter, although I do this very last, I've been sticking to my Make Up Revolution Radiant Lights Exhale. Buy it, you will not regret it.

In terms of my eye area, I've been using and loving loads of different things: the Colourpop Brow Pot for my eyebrows, and a Mesauda eyeshadow primer followed by whatever eyeshadow I feel like using that day. I mostly stick to nude/pink/peach/bronze/gold, as I know it suits me and I feel comfortable in it. Then I whack on some L'Oreal Million Lashes mascara* and that's my eyes done!

For lips, again, I'm not that fussy - I tend to stick to colours on the lighter end of the spectrum, because if they rub off it's not the end of the world and dark colours make me look even more pale than I already am. Lately, I've even been loving a bit of gloss. I am a 90s baby after all...

What's on your face these days? Tell me tell me tell me!

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