Wednesday 8 March 2017

International Women's Day 2017

In a world currently so torn apart by anger and hatred and sadness, it's so so so important that we lift each other up and be cheerleaders for our peers, our friends and our family. I try and  make someone smile each day - sharing their new blog post, complimenting their selfie, whatever. It takes no time at all, for me, but it might just make their day so why not?

The women in my life who inspire me, who educate and support and love me, are SO important to me. To see women around me doing amazing things, achieving their goals and living good lives - that's something that I am so happy about. Other girls aren't competition, as much as we're raised to believe they might be. I saw something the other day, about who you shouldn't not do something just because someone else already has - while you might think their *whatever it is* is better than your's, and that your's now won't matter, this isn't the case. Everybody will just be glad to have double the cake to eat, double the music to dance to, double the art to admire.

Yesterday, I asked on Twitter for people's favourite travel bloggers, for an article I was doing some research for - and so many women tweeted me back, tagging their favourite travel bloggers. Not only did they help me out (and introduce me to some new babes), they were also lifting each other up and it was SO nice to see. And I, personally, see that a lot on Twitter: people are so quick to support other women, share their content, put their names forward for things.

I love women - we have soft skin and nice hair and we smell good, and we're kind and we know how to overcome obstacles and support each other. We know what it's like to get knocked down, so we know just how sweet it is when things go our way.

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