Saturday 14 January 2017

Pamper Therapy Flawless Finish Sponge // Review

Now - for ages, I shunned beauty blenders and their many dupes (seriously, why didn't they patent that shit?). I've been using a brush for as long as I can remember and honestly, I knew my make up wasn't ever perfect but I didn't think it would matter if I used anything else; I thought it was my skin that was the issue and that was that.

Then October 2016 rolled around, and a trip to Blackpool with Sam; I was in a complete rush to pack, and somehow managed to remember all my necessary make up and absolutely no brushes. This was obviously a complete disaster, and I scoffed when Sam offered me her beauty blender. I quickly realised that I didn't really have any choice in the matter - if I wanted to wear make up I was going to have to use the damn sponge. And of course, I was converted.

Anyway, mega-long intro over, this post is about the Pamper Therapy Flawless Finish Sponge* which is, as a matter of fact, my favourite ever beauty blender-style thing. You know the drill with these sponges by now so I won't bore you with the details but the short story is I love this thing. It's dark pink (and no dye comes out when I wash it) and it's less dense than the original. It has a flat side which is good for getting into the nooks and crannies of your facial features, and it's just all round fab. I've tried the original, the Real Techniques sponge and various Primark/Poundland offerings - and this one has genuinely come out on top.

This sponge is latex free, SO soft, can be used with pretty much ANY product, and it's under a tenner - definitely one to get your hands on if you can! Check out Pamper Therapy and you will not be disappointed I swear.

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  1. I have never tried a beauty blender of any kind! The joys of wearing mineral make-up haha but this looks fab and I reckon it would really help with liquid concealer, I'll have to pick one up and try it out!

    Sarah :)
    Saloca in Wonderland