Monday 2 January 2017

Garnier Moisture Bomb // Review

I was lucky enough to get my hands on a bunch of stuff from the Garnier Moisture Bomb range, and I've been testing it out the past couple of months while my skin's been mega dry (thanks, winter). I'm loving it so far, so here's my thoughts...

First up, the 3-in-1 day moisturiser; this is in a pump bottle, and it's a white cream - quite thin and runny, but a little goes a long way. It's quite tacky, and takes about 10 minutes to properly soak in. I wouldn't recommend this if you've got greasy/oily skin, but then you probably wouldn't opt for something so full of moisture anyway (I mean, my skin's so far from oily that I don't have a clue, I'm just guessing...) All in all this isn't my favourite - I'm not keen on the way my skin feels after using it in the day, but its a good one for night time. It has SPF 10 in it, which isn't a lot but it's something. The entire range smells amazing, though, with this being no exception!

The super-recharging gel cream is actually targeted at night time use, but I am obsessed with this for any time of day. It's such a strange consistency, in that it looks and is quite thick but when you touch it, it's like putting your fingers in water - but thick water ???? I can't explain it but I LOVE IT. It sinks in quickly but leaves such a nice finish - not greasy looking, not even damp looking, just plump and healthy and moisturised. 10/10 would recommend to anyone, this is incredible.

Now, I'm not a tissue mask person but I'll give anything a go, and this was fine - it's not the most pleasant thing to use, but again it smells lush. It's jam packed with moisture and contains the same amount of glycerin as using the 3-in-1 moisturiser every day for a week, which is handy if your skin is super dry and you've got a big party coming up or if it's really irritating you!

So would I recommend this range? If you've got super dry skin then absolutely - it's a really nice addition to Garnier's line up, and it's not expensive either. My star product is, of course, the gel cream and I'll definitely be purchasing this when it runs out! Expect to see it in an empties post soon...


  1. These would be great for this harsh winter I am getting up here, It's drying my skin out like crazy. Great reviews

  2. That gel cream sounds amazing. Definitely gonna have to pick it up. My skin is soo dry its ridiculous
    Beth x
    Mermaid in Disguise