Wednesday 25 January 2017

Face of the day // January

I haven't done a face of the day post in soooooo long, and I want to write about more make up this year so I thought I'd kick off with this; here's what's on my face, basically. This was just for a day of shopping/meetings/seeing Kaz in Liverpool with Sam on a cold Wednesday!

I started off with the Armani Fluid Sheer, which is technically a highlighter but I can't see why you'd use it as one, and it works wonders as a primer to add some glow to your complexion. This one's especially good when my skin is dry, and although it's expensive you don't need loads. I apply mine with a flat foundation brush which seems to do the trick. Moving onto colour correcting, I went with my trusty Urban Decay Naked Skin in the green colour, because my skin has a lot of redness to it. I blend this in with my fingers all ready for my foundation.

And for foundation I went with the Primark PS Pro... mineral foundation, (paired with my pamper therapy beauty sponge) which I've talked about on here before. It's such a good every day foundation, especially for a fiver, and it lasts really well even on my dry skin, with good coverage and nice in-between look in terms of finish. I went in with the pink version of the UD Naked Skin as my under eye/forehead/chin concealer, which might seem weird but really works for me blended in with the same sponge.

Next I contoured with Matte Bronze from MAC and a Technic brush, which is pretty standard, before doing my eyebrows. I do my make up in a pretty weird order but don't have a go. So for my brows I used a Rimmel pencil in Hazel, followed by the 'I <3 Make Up' brow mascara which sets my brows, adds a bit more redness than the pencil and doesn't leave them feeling weird. Plus it's like £2 if that.

Moving onto eyeshadow, I decided to use the Charlotte tilbury 'Golden Goddess' palette, just using the light gold-ish shade with the warm brown in my crease. Simple, easy, and looks quite cute. God knows what eye brushes I used. I followed that with the Bourjois mascara (how funky is the packaging) before finishing up my face.

To do that, I opted for from MAC's incredible Star Trek collection, which I think is a highlighter except I'm pale AF so it works just fine as a blusher for me. For my actual highlight, Radiant Lights Exhale from Make Up Revolution is by absolute go-to, ride or die product. Did I use that right?

My lashes are Primark's sultry lashes, and my lipstick is from Make Up Forever and it was my graduation lipstick, so naturally I love it.

And there you have it - all finished off with a Wet N Wild setting spray. Ta daaaaah! Hope you like it and if you don't, don't be mean xxxx

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  1. ooo Matte Bronze! Y'know, I didn't even know MAC sold any non-mineralised bronze-y powders... is that stupid?? haha! I'll definitely check it out though because I'm a pale princess like you. Love this look!
    Hannah xx