Thursday 22 December 2016

All I want for Christmas is... Vaginal stimulation

Today's post was meant to be another sex toy review but I dead ass forgot to test out the other new toy that Oh Mi Bod sent over; it's sitting in my new-in box being sadly neglected, but I promise to get some use out of it and write a review in the new year. That being said I didn't want to leave you with no post for the letter V, so here's a sex toy wishlist for ya...

A Christmas sex toy?! Yaaaasss - candy cane, looks nice and smooth, even has a little Santa to rub your clit. Come to think of it, it's pretty creepy but I couldn't leave it out of a December post when I saw it. Hoe hoe hoe (credit to Sam for the pun). Moving on, I love rabbit-style vibes but this one is particularly cool because it has interchangeable rabbit heads. Plus it's pink and it looks like that matte texture which feels SO GOOD.

I've wanted a massager toy for ageeeeessss, and this micro one is adorable - I have absolutely no idea what these are like so hit me up if you've tried one! Last but certainly not least is this hella chic pink and gold offering, which stimulates all your different parts and is generally just cute and looks as though it would be a brilliant all-rounder. Definitely one to add to the collection.

If you get any sex toys for Christmas, please tell me because I'm nosy AF and love to know about these sorts of things!


  1. This was so unexpected but funny at the same time. I love this! Honestly, I never used any kind of toy....

    S .x

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