Monday 19 December 2016

All I want for Christmas is... sparkle

Christmas is definitely the time when you can go a bit more wild with your make up and for me that means one thing - glitter and sparkle. I wanted to put together a post about my favourite sparkly make up bits, so here goes...

Armani Fluid Sheer // I adore this; I use it as a primer, and with a low-coverage foundation it makes the whole completion a lot more glowy, something which can be hard to achieve in the winter months when everyone's skin is a bit drier. It's expensive but a little goes a long way and the texture is lovely, it doesn't smell weird and it's just all round pretty.

Urban Decay Liquid Moon Dust // This is the shade 'recharged' but I also have 'magnetic' which is a  purple colour - these are to die for. They're easy to work with and long-lasting, and there's a really nice colour range. My one gripe is that I wish it had a doe foot applicator rather than a little brush, but the product itself is so amazing I can see past that!

Make Up Geek Loose Pigment // This is one of the duo chrome pigments in 'insomnia' and hooooo boy I love it; this red/brown/blue colour is one of my favourite shades to wear, and this is just such a special product in my collection!

Technic Get Gorgeous Highlight Powder // I got quite a few Technic products in the summer, and they're all (mostly) amazing - this highlighter being no exception. I firmly believe you ought not waste your money on expensive highlighters because the "drugstore" do it best!

Urban Decay Metallized Lipstick // This formula of lipsticks is amazing, jam packed with glitter - perfect for a Christmas night out. This is the shade 'big bang' (which looks amazing on Robyn) and it's JUST SO FLIPPING PRETTY. Perfect sparkly pink.

What's your favourite sparkly make up? Tell me tell me tell me!

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