Wednesday 14 December 2016

All I want for Christmas is... Naples

Naples - what a glorious looking place, and somewhere I have been before (briefly) but am dying to visit again. I love Italy as a city, and when John Lennon Airport got in touch about their travel guides,  I immediately wanted to know everything I could know about Naples.

If there's one type of food I'd always opt for, it's Italian - I love pasta and I love pizza and anything with garlic and herbs and chicken. If you think you love pizza at home, you're in for a treat because eating pizza in Italy is like 4 million times better than that. Somehow they just never fail. They do pasta perfectly, obv, and eating out is just a real treat.

I'm a history lover too, and I've been to Pompeii but I was only eight and I didn't really understand and besides, Bastille hadn't made it cool yet. I remember jumping from slab of rock to slab of rock and hiding behind a giant plantpot-esque feature, trying to make it look as though I was inside it, and I remember hearing stories about the people who's houses and lives had been ruined.

But as well as Pompeii, there's the Royal Palace of Caserta which is like something out of a Disney film; it looks incredible and I know I'd be in my element if I were to visit it. The views are just stunning and it's all so pretty.

me on holiday. not in Naples but you get the drift
Apparently, Naples has the most beautiful metro stop in Europe which is bizarre but exciting, and it's the Italian city with the most number of accredited Michelin stars - like I said, eating out is a treat. Plus their football team are pretty decent, and Stadio San Paolo is the third largest in Italy.

Basically, there's a ton of stuff to do in Naples and if someone could buy me a ticket for Christmas you'd be in my good books for basically forever.

This post was written in collaboration with Liverpool John Lennon Airport, but as usual all views and words are my own. Please see my disclaimer for more info!

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