Saturday 3 December 2016

All I want for Christmas is... cheap decorations

Now when I say cheap, I mean cheap - this stuff's from Poundland, so everything was literally a quid. It was a pleasure working with these guys to get my house (almost) Christmas-ready and I'm definitely getting into the spirit of things now!

Coming into the house, the first thing you'll see is our Santa Stop Here doormat, which is a proper fun addition if you ask me - we have a few kids in our family-friends circle, and I know they'll love it when they come round. I think it's nice to have decorations outside as well as inside, to keep everything tied in together and ultra-Christmassy.

In our living room we have this adorable Baby it's cold outside cushion - we've never had Christmas cushions in our house before, and this year we have two as my mum picked one up from the other end of the price scale, a £15 offering form M&S that has penguins on. Anyway, this cushion is cute AF and as you can see, we have a load of cushions anyway so I think adding a Christmas one into the mix is a good way to decorate!

Since we got our log fire put in, our house feels Christmassy all year round especially being red-themed, but I love the fire and I love the space surrounding it so I had to get my hands on this Wooden fox decoration - how cute is he?! He's also not too Christmas-themed so if you're wanting to decorate from Autumn onwards, he could definitely be for you.

Last but not least, I've got the Christmas rule slate sign which is beyond perfect for our house, as we have about 7 other signs like this one dotted around. It's so heavy and looks/feels SO much more expensive than a mere quid, and it's hands down my family's favourite of all of these.

Have you picked up any cheap Christmas decor this year? Let me know!

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  1. I love the idea of the Christmas rule sign and the cushion is so affordable! :) xx

    Yasmina | The July Journal