Wednesday 2 November 2016

Winter holiday fashion wishlist

I'm really enjoying doing fashion wishlist posts - sorry if they're boring y'all but I love reading other peoples' and it's an excuse to go online window shopping. I'm headed to Kraków next week and we just realised it's going to be -1 and snowing when we arrive; I bought an emergency (vintage) jumper in a charity shop for £1.99 but here's a few more winter holiday staples...

Long sleeve tops have to replace t-shirts when it's a winter holiday - they're perfect for layering and there's loads of cute ones around like this one from Boohoo; it looks really soft and this paired with high-waisted jeans, a cardigan and your coat? Good to go! For evenings, dresses aren't really gonna cut it in my opinion, especially if it's really really cold so fancy leggings are a good alternative - these velvet high waisted pants are also from Boohoo (although Primark have a gorgeous silver/grey pair if blue is a bit much for you!) I'm picturing these with a black roll neck jumper and black Chelsea boots for a warm but still glam night time affair.

Boots are a winter holiday staple for me; the first and last times I went to Kraków I wore my black Dr Martens, and the time in between I wore Timberlands - either way, you can wear thick socks underneath to keep your toes warm, and they're good for all the walking around. These are the Leonore Fur Lined Dr Martens and I'm quite frankly in love with them, even if they are a bit expensive. Last but not least - can you really go on a winter holiday without a hat? I mean personally, I'm not a hat person but this crochet beanie from Accessorize is too cute to pass up, and I think it'd look fab with my dark hair.

What are your winter holiday fashion staples? Other than a coat, obviously...

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