Wednesday 5 October 2016

Empties // October

Another month, another bunch of products I've finished up - yet my stash of make up and skincare doesn't seem to be going anywhere! Here's what I've come to the end of recently...

Tropic Skincare Cleanser // One of my all time favourite cream cleansers, I could rave about this all day - it gets make up off easily, the bottle lasts forever and it smells gorgeous. I've got 3 back-up bottles in my drawer, so I'll be using it for the foreseeable future; it doesn't break me out, it doesn't leave my skin feeling greasy, it just cleans. And it's lovely. 10/10

Clearista Retexturising Gel // This is one from #NWmeet and I used it up a while back, but kept forgetting to mention it. It's a strange gel with scrubby crystals in it, and it definitely feels like it's doing something when you're using it - it doesn't irritate my skin though, which is good, but I can't say I noticed a difference either. 5/10

Shu Uemura Art of Hair Cleansing Oil Conditioner // I think I mentioned this in a sample stash post waaaaay back, but I got the full size bottle for Christmas and it's hella expensive so I use it sparingly, but I bloody love it. It's honestly the best conditioner I've ever tried and for £32 I just can't bring myself to repurchase it, but I would if I could. It leaves my hair feeling like an angel has stroked it for hours. 10/10

Maybelline Age Rewind Concealer* // Literally one of the best concealers I've ever tried - quite yellow toned, blends like a dream, isn't too expensive. A product I thoroughly enjoy, even if the packaging is a bit naff. 8/10

W7 Queen of the Brows* // I loved this for setting my brows; it's an ashy tone which is hard to find in brow products, and it lasts all day without being crispy or gross. Plus it's cheap as chips. 9/10

Clearly I liked most of these products A LOT - tune in next month to see what else I've made my way through, probably featuring more cleansers and shampoo.

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