Saturday 29 October 2016

Degustabox // October 2016

If you're a sweet treat lover, this month's Degustabox is probably the best yet - at least, it is for me.

The first thing I spotted was pasta in the shape of minions, and tomato sauce to go with it - both from Heniz and both delicious, even if they are intended for kids. I had these for lunch with a sprinkle of mozzarella and it was a delight. Other lunch things included two different offerings from Souper; pulled pork and jalapeƱos, and super greens. I can't see myself eating either of these soups, but they're handy to have in especially as we venture into winter.

Next up in terms of savoury stuff are some Fusion noodles in Aromatic Spiced Curry and Fiery Sweet Chilli - both probably a bit spicy for me, but noodles are a student staple and I'll probably eat them anyway! There was also a Smokey BBQ Coat 'n Cook sauce from Levi Roots, which dad has already used for pulled pork and would recommend.

Snacks, then; Yushoi Snapea Rice Sticks are my favourite 'crisps' - not too salty, not too dry, not too bad for you. They're just delicious, I've eaten all of mine already, and you can get them in Morrisons if you fancy. There were four bars from Beloved, and they're all made from dates but they're all different flavours. I can't say I'm too excited to try them, but if I give it a go I'm sure you'll hear about it on Twitter...

Sweet things, finaaaalllly! Getting my least favourite out of the way first, this month's "drink" was a Robinsons SQUASH'D which I personally think is pointless - just buy and make proper juice??? It's cheaper and lasts longer. Anyway. There was also a bag of Choco Barres from Pitch, which are sweet bread cake things with a stick of chocolate in the middle. Amazing for lunch boxes AND I think the chocolate melts if you put them in the microwave...

Last but not least is the two things I'm most excited about - Jim Jams chocolate spread (yaaaasssss) and, the real winner, a giant bar of Hershey's cookies & cream. Hoooooo boy am I excited about these two - there's not much to say other than that they're both amazing.

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