Sunday 16 October 2016

Body Shop vs Poundland // Liquid Lipsticks

Now, I'm pretty new to the world of liquid lipsticks - I'm not sure what it is, but they've never really appealed to me that much. But recently I got invited to The Body Shop for an event to celebrate the launch of their new liquid lipsticks, and I saw a video from Soph Does Nails in which she used one of the new liquid lipsticks from Poundland which to be fair, looked pretty decent.

At the event I got my hands on Windsor Rose from The Body Shop, which is a pinky-brown nude shade, perfect for every day wear. These retail for £6 and you get 8ml of product; the lid/handle is matte, which I thought was a nice touch, and they've got 12 different shades from coral to cerise to dark purple. It's quite a thick and long-lasting formula, and it's not too drying on the lips either. This one dries pretty quickly, although I've only really got the Poundland offering to compare it to, but so far I'm a big fan of this and I thought they'd be a lot more expensive, so I was pleasantly surprised!

So how does the Poundland 'pout matters' liquid lipstick compare? Well, it's only a quid so you save a fiver, but it's a smaller tube and there's a lot less shade choice. But I liked the look of this one, and it really is a gorgeous colour. Thing is, it takes FOREVER to dry - yeah it looks nice when it does, but  find it smudging really quickly and it's all just a bit annoying. The formula is a bit too thick, and it's no big deal because it's only a quid but I don't think it's one I'll be reaching for unless I really wanna wear this colour.

What are your favourite liquid lipsticks?!

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