Monday 3 October 2016

50 Things To Be Happy About

I don't know if you know, but I'm such a happy little bean at the moment - and I'm truly so grateful for this. There are so many damn good things to be happy about in the world, and here's a few of them for your perusal...

Babies who don't cry when you hold them!

The strangely unique smell of heavy rain on a hot summer day.

Seeing someone break a world record at the Olympics.

"I saw this and thought of you..."

The shoes you've been eyeing for ages going into the sale ! ! !

Finding a new author and feeling as though there's something beautiful and familiar in their work, that sort of feels like home.

Compliments from strangers.

Your favourite movie being on TV because it's different to watching it on DVD.

Being told you're having your favourite meal for tea.

Making new friends.

Rekindling old friendships.

Good character development in TV programs.

Swatching a new make up product for the first time. Jeeeeesus.

Disney duets.

Being able to help somebody when they really really need it.

Jumper weather (finally!)

First kisses.

Eating food you didn't think you'd like, and absolutely loving it.

Watching crap day time telly with your dog.

Almost winning the pub quiz. Or not winning, and laughing at how badly you did.

Anything with cinnamon in it.

When the Halloween decorations come out in the shops. Yesssss Halloween.

Seeing family members you don't get to see very often.

People who you love and admire doing well for themselves.

A hot bath on a cold night. With bath bombs, preferably ones with glitter in.

That strange sensation when the street lights come on as you walk past them, and you feel a bit like Dumbledore.

Getting new stationery !!!!

Fresh flowers, oh my.

Finishing a piece of work you never thought would end. You go, glen coco.

Proving somebody wrong. Oops.

Fairy lights everywhere. Bloody everywhere. Amazing.

Baby animals of any sort.

Discovering new words.

Fruit when it's completely, wonderfully, perfectly ripe.

That one really comfortable outfit.

Getting over something you thought you'd never get over.

Being awake early enough to catch the sunset.

Your favourite song coming on in a club!!!

Fresh bedding. Clichés are clichés for a reason, friends.

The smell when there's a cake in the oven.

Finding a really cool vintage piece in a charity/thrift shop.

Putting your underwear on fresh off the radiator/out of the dryer, especially in the absolute depths of winter.

Handmade cards and presents.

Being able to perfectly see the stars at night.

When somebody's proud of you.

Looking through old photos.

Putting little hearts over a letter i, just because.

Pretty perfume bottles. So luxurious.

Waking up and feeling like you had the perfect amount of sleep.

I love a list post and I love being happy. Tell me some things that make you happy! Also, excuse the random photos - they're things that make me happy, though.

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