Saturday 3 September 2016

Redken Diamond Hair Oil // Review

I'm going through a phase with my hair where I just hate it - so when the gals at Redken offered to send me some bits and bobs, I was hardly going to say no. Inside the (massive) bag of goodies was their Diamond Hair Oil Glow Dry*, in a bottle fancy enough to be mistaken for perfume.

If the packaging alone wasn't enough to make me fall in love, the product itself is amazing. It has that salon smell (which is the only thing I enjoy about going to the hairdressers) and it's a really nice texture. I expect it to be really thick or really runny, and it's neither; I expected it to be sticky but it's not; I expected it to make my hair clump together, but it didn't.

I wash my hair, towel it dry then use around three pumps of this before drying my hair - I wouldn't say blow drying, because I just sit there aimlessly blasting it with a hair dryer, but the Diamond Hair Oil still manages to make my hair look fab. It's pricey, but if you want to treat yourself then DO IT.


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