Sunday 19 June 2016

New additions to my bathroom

I don't often talk about the body products I use in my bathroom, when I'm having a shower or the occasional bath - but I've got my hands on some amazing products lately (mostly thanks to #NWmeet 2.0) so I thought I'd let you know what's happening in my bathroom lately, as weird as that sounds...

 I've been LOVING the Professor Scrubbington's Naturally Foaming Hair & Body Wash* - can we talk about how cute this packaging is?! It's a two in one product which I think is brilliant for students (like me) or people with really small bathrooms, as it means you get more room because you don't have to have a shampoo AND a shower gel. It smells incredible, too, and makes me feel squeaky clean. I'm often wary of these products, because shampoos can be quite strong so would you really want that on your body - and how good for your hair can something be that you would normally use for your armpits? Nevertheless, this one actually works. Good job guys.

Excuse the pun, but I love... a good body scrub, and their Lemon Meringue Whipped Sugar Scrub* is literally amazing. It smells like actual pudding, it's not too harsh on the skin and it's a bargain at less than £3. It's a foam, scrub and soap in one so not only does it leave me feeling smooth, but really clean too! I've never tried anything from I love... before, but I'm definitely picking up some more bits as soon as I can get my little butt to Superdrug.

If there's one product that smells like summer in a tub, it's the Coconut & Lime body butter from Derma V10 - the night before #NWmeet 2.0 I literally sat and sniffed this multiple times to cheer myself up whilst surrounded by bags/boxes/bottles. Anyway, as body butter's go, this is fab - it's quite similar in consistency to those you'll find at The Body Shop, but it's a fraction of the price. I keep this in my bathroom to whack on after I've shaved my legs, and it's just beaut.

The MOW 2-step teeth whitening foam is something I'm trying to get myself into a habit of using; I hate brushing my teeth, but using foam makes it a little more bearable. I'll keep you updated with any results I get from using this - I'm not expecting miracles but we'll see how it goes!

SASS are a really cool brand; promoting feminine care and hygeine is really important, and they do a good job of it. I use their Intimate Skin Concentrate every time I shave my hoo-ha, and it really does the trick when it comes to preventing ingrown hairs and keeping the area moisturised.

What products are you reaching for in the bathroom lately?

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