Sunday 12 June 2016


This weekend has been one of terror, of violence and of heartbreak; people going to a football match and leaving with broken bodies, people going to a nightclub, a safe haven for LGBT+ people, and never coming home. Christina Grimmie, doing her job - something she loved - didn't get to go home that night. Entire families have been torn apart, have had their hearts and lives shattered.

And there are no words, no justification, no reasons. I have cried, and cried, and cried; I've been angry, and embarrassed, and upset. There is nothing to say, but also so much to say.

Football fans; please, leave the beautiful sport to be beautiful. It is, honestly, just a game. It's a game I love, a game I've grown up around, a game I watch week in, week out. A game; it's not, it should never be, life or death. It's important, it really is, I won't deny that - but it's not a reason to hate each other, and it's not a sport that needs violence bringing to it. We hadn't even played our first game of the Euros and it had already been overshadowed by extreme violence around Marseilles. For what? I still don't know.

America; I'm so sorry. I'm sorry that your constitution gives you the right to bear arms, and that some of you abuse that right to bring about horrific violence. America needs tighter gun laws - so many people have said this, not just this weekend but continually. And this is true, but it's in the constitution and that makes it so SO hard to change. But please, America, never give up your fight; you should all be able to go to church, to school, to the 'mall' or to a club, to a mosque or a restaurant or anywhere else, and be safe. England aint a perfect place, and I know we're a much smaller and lower populated country than you are, but there's been seven mass shootings here since the 1800s; I heard you've had seven this week. I'm sorry.

The LGBT+ community; stay strong. I know it hurts, and I know it's scary as heck. I feel hollow, numb and scared and angry and exhausted all at once. I'm lucky, in a twisted sense of the word, that the homophobia I personally have experienced and continue to experience, has never been violent. And I hate the fact that that's "lucky", that we aren't - as a whole - safe. That we are targeted, looked down on, shamed and hurt and killed for loving who we love.

I'm tired, and emotional, and these words mean nothing to anybody but I had to get them out. Please don't let us wake up to another tragedy tomorrow. Please, everybody, stay safe and spread love, be kind and gentle and listen to each other. Please

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  1. It's well and truly horrible what has been happening in the world and trust me when I say you are not the only one who is feeling upset, angry, scared, numb, exhausted, frustrated because we all are. I don't understand why people can't just live in harmony with one and other instead of attacking someone for loving another from the same sex, or going as far as to killing someone over a sport (that may not be my cup of tea) but is a joy for others or for sticking a gun to someone's head. It's just not fair, non of it and I really hope things change for the better soon!