Wednesday 15 June 2016

Beauty Haulin'

It's been a while since I've written a beauty haul post, but I seem to have accumulated quite a few new bits and I'm yet to decide how I properly want to feature them on The Lilac Scrapbook - so in the meantime, a haul it is...

I placed a Make Up Revolution order when they had a sale on, and finally got my hands on the Radiant Lights 'Exhale' Highlighter; it's such a big product, and I can see it lasting for ages - and there's loads of hype around the Make Up Rev highlighters so I can't wait to try it out. I also picked up a tinted brow gel, eye primer and a single eyeshadow in the shade 'Celestial' because I couldn't resist those pretty colours all swirled together...

Shiro Cosmetics are a brand I was introduced to when I put together #NWmeet - I love the ethos behind the brand, and the geeky names thrill me. I ordered five eyeshadows, and while they did take ages to come (this is completely explained before you place an order!) it was so worth it. I picked up 'You Want These Lumps' (a lilac w/ gold glitter from the Algebraic collection), 'Fifteen Birds in Five Fir Trees' which is a dark green with red-ish glitter from the Hobbit collection, 'Whizard Wheezes' (a mish mash of orange and purple and green sparkles) and 'Have a Biscuit, Potter' (the most sassy emerald green) both from the Marauders, Mugwumps and Muggles collection, and finally 'Mother of Dragons', a reddy-purpley-silvery colour from the Seven Kingdoms collection. Honestly, those names. The colours are bloody gorgeous, too, and I'm hoping to do a swatch post soon!

Redken a brand I've never really used before, but when I went to my uni house to sort some stuff out I had a parcel from these guys waiting for me. Not only was it full of American sweets - thanks, guys - it also contained a sample and full size of their Pillow Proof Blow Dry Express Treatment Primer. I can't wait to try this out next time I wash my hair, and I love that it contains heat protectant too.

Last but not least, I got a surprise parcel from John Frieda too; highlight activating shampoo & conditioner from their Sheer Blonde range, as well as the leave-in conditioner (which I forgot to photograph) and a go blonder treatment which I am soooo interested to try out. I've been loving the shampoo and conditioner so far; the consistency of the conditioner is perfect. They also sent a salt spray, and I've never tried anything like this before so I'll definitely be reporting back!

Have you bought anything exciting lately?

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