Wednesday 6 April 2016

F.O.Y Skincare // Review

Sometimes I get sent stuff that just isn't for me - it's the nature of blogging, you can't love it all! But my mum/housemates are happy to take them off my hands, and that's exactly what happened with he F.O.Y skincare range. So, today my mama's reviewing that (except I'm actually writing it, because she's too lazy)

The whole range is designed for mature skin, to restore, repair and rejuvenate. The products contain amazing ingredients for anti-inflammatory, tightening, plumping, hydration, repairing damage from the sun and loads more.

Moisturising day cream - "This smells nice, as does the whole range, but it feels quite greasy and takes ages to sink in; this means it's not great to wear under make up. I wouldn't buy this one again as it went quite quickly..."

Rejuvenating night cream - "I much prefer this to the day cream, because it doesn't matter about it sinking in quickly, and when I wake up my face definitely does feel moisturised. This one's a winner for me; I've been using it for a few months and still have plenty left, unlike the day cream."

Revitalising eye gel - "This is one of the best eye creams I've tried; I love the packaging because it seems more hygienic than a tub, and it doesn't leave my eyes irritated. It's hydrating, my eyes are definitely less puffy and I think it really did reduce my fine lines! The only downside is the pump has broken."

Hope you enjoyed my mum's "guest post"!

Wanna know what's on my skincare wishlist?

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