Thursday 10 March 2016

Sample Stash #6

Another month, another round of quick-fire samples I've reviewed. No small talk, eh?

malin + goetz vitamin e face moisturiser

Malin + Goetz Vitamin e Face Moisturiser - Surprisingly, I really liked this moisturiser. It doesn't work wonders, but it's lovely all the same. It smells nice and it doesn't burn or sting my skin even when it's at its most sensitive. It leaves it feeling soft and plump and just NICE. 8/10

Bonte Wellness Mask - I picked these up in a pharmacy in Spain last year; this is strange, as face masks go, because it doesn't dry like a lot do. But it's nice all the same. It doesn't do much, but it did leave my skin soft and pampered so if you're ever looking at Spanish skincare it might be worth picking some up - it's only a euro for two! 6/10 (forgot to photograph this because I'm a certifiable idiot)

Andrew Barton S.O.S Hair Mask - I've had this for literally AGES, and I just wanted to use it so I could get rid of it. It's not the best hair mask I've ever tried, but it's not the worst. It didn't leave my hair particularly soft, but it definitely did something. 5/10

I was also going to try the Clinique Beyond Perfect foundation, but the sample was one from a magazine and was so far from my skin colour it would have been ridiculous. But I have soooo many new samples from various places and brands, so expect a lengthier sample stash post next month! Ps, tomorrow's post is a REALLY good one about skincare made by the bees so keep your eyes peeled...

Have you tried any amazing sample-sized products lately?

Wanna see a beauty haul?

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  1. The amount of samples I have hanging around and NEVER use is unreal! Haha. This post has inspired me though, I must mooch them out! :) xx