Thursday 17 March 2016

Merumaya Iconic Youth Serum // Review

Serum is a big part of my skincare routine and has been for the past year or so; my skin is so dry it needs all the help it can get. When the lovely ladies at Merumaya offered to send me their Iconic Youth  Serum* I was made up.

merumaya iconic youth serum

So how did I get on with it? It's a different consistency to any serum I've tried before - thick and almost like a gel, and I need a fair few pumps to cover my moon face. I love it, though: it smells nice but not too strong, and it's full of good stuff like Hyaluronic Acid (to prevent blemishes, which I think it does - it doesn't clear up spots I already have, but I didn't get any new ones when I was using it). It also has Echium Oil in it, which is an anti-inflammatory; my face is soooo red, and I did find that this helped a bit with that! I'd say it improved the texture of my skin, and I'm hoping over time it might clear up a bit of acne scarring - I'll keep you updated.

merumaya iconic youth serum

Bad points, then - like I said, I do need a fair bit of it which is annoying because I don't see it lasting that long. And it's £36.50 so it's pricey; I'm only using it in the morning, to savour it, and swapping it out for my beloved Argan Oil Night Repair Serum!

Have you tried anything from Merumaya? Let me know what's worth picking up!

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  1. Hello. I recommend you need to use less serum x2 at day (most active ingredients are tested for use twice per day for the results) and use a moisturiser over the top.

  2. Hello. your site does not allow me to post to pintrest? Maleka #beautyhasnoage