Friday 25 March 2016

Ishga Skincare // Review

Sometimes brands get in touch with me that I've never heard of before, and sometimes I say "you know what, send me some goodies and I'll see what I think" - that's exactly what happened with Ishga. They sent me three products to review, and I've been giving them a fair run...

ishga active cleansing lotion // as cleansers go, this isn't my favourite - I don't think it does a good job of getting make-up off, but it's nice as a second cleanse and for the morning. It's really gentle and lovely, plus I think it'll last a while! It hasn't broken me out as such but I wouldn't say it does anything much in terms of clearing up or controlling blemishes, though.

ishga hebridean marine toner // I love this; I use it after cleansing, and I find it a tiny bit strong (as in, it stings a bit) but in the best way - I really feel as though it's taking care of my skin, and it never dries it out or causes blemishes. Again it's a huge bottle and looks really classy.

ishga anti-oxidant marine face cream // okay, there's no easy way of saying this - it's expensive. It's £70 which is like, three weeks worth of food shopping for me. But I love it SO much; I've been using it on and off for well over a month and it looks like I've barely touched it because a little goes such a long way, which might make the outrageous price a bit more easier to handle. It smells incredible, isn't greasy, sinks in fast and leaves my skin feeling SO soft. It even works well under make-up.

So all in all, Ishga have been a big win for me and I'd highly recommend!

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  1. I'd genuinely love to give this a go, and like you say I'd be willing to forgive that hefty price tag on the face cream if it lasts a long time! :) xx