Monday 7 March 2016

Smile Makers sex toys and why I use them

Tomorrow is International Women's Day, so go hug all the ladies in your life - after you've read this post of course. When a company called Smile Makers got in touch with me, I was so pleased because I think talking openly about a healthy sex life, as a woman, is really important. Also, pastel sex toys? That is, undoubtedly, my aesthetic.

smilemakers fireman vibrator

There's an unnecessary stigma around self-pleasure; not for men, of course, who are full of banter about how many 'wanks' they've had this week. But for women, masturbation and self-pleasure is seen as a taboo subject. In school, people would make up rumours about other girls masturbating. Even I would laugh and cringe at the thought of it - but why? We grow up believing, ultimately, that our bodies belong to men, that pleasure should come from men, that pleasing ourselves alone is wrong. If one girl reads this post and comes away from it with a changed mindset, then I'll be so pleased. Self-pleasure is nothing to be ashamed of. It's actually so, so important - to relieve stress, to get to know yourself and your body, to help you sleep better. It even relieves muscle aches/menstrual pains.

As one half of a same-sex couple, sex toys play a big role in my life. Not only do I use them when we're apart, but we also use them together. That, I think, is the great thing about sex toys of any kind - they're not just to be hidden in your sock drawer for use when your partner is out of town. You can have so much fun with them together but I think this is something a lot of people don't realise. I'm so pleased to be working with Smile Makers - they sent me two of their gorgeous massagers: The Fireman* and the Tennis Coach*.

smilemakers sex toys

They arrived and within a few hours we decided to test them out. The Fireman, which is the pink one, is an external vibrator. The best thing about this (other than it being pink) is all the edges and ridges and surface area. It means you can reach all different spots and get your pleasure in all these different ways. The Tennis Coach is equally amazing; it's an internal vibrator, and the ball shape of the tip means it fits so comfortably inside you and touches all the right places.

Smile Makers products are available in store at Boots and online in various places, meaning they're really accessible, and they're completely safe: they don't contain phthalates (which are bad for you) and they're 100% waterproof (always a positive when it comes to sex toys) AND they're really quiet - I can vouch for this. They also have different speed settings, and only require one AAA battery. I'd wholeheartedly recommend Smile Makers; you've got absolutely nothing to lose! They also do a range of lubricants if that's something you're interested in.

Let me know your sex toy recommendations!

Wanna see a rant about lube?


  1. Nice one Katy, its good to see someone who isn't a prude around here :)

  2. Yes! Sex should never be seen as a taboo! Women can be open about sex too!


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