Monday 8 February 2016

Mini Munchpak // Review

Subscription boxes are everywhere now, aren't they? You can get make up, flowers, food and probably god knows what else. When the guys at MunchPak offered to send me one of their mini boxes I was like DUH I love food send me it immediately. A week or so later it arrived, and like the true little piggy I am I ripped it open.

munchpak mini snack subscription
The MunchPak Mini, which retails for around 12 dollars a month for 3 months (cheaper if you get a lengthier subscription) has five items inside. Mine were:

KP Meanies - pickled onion flavour // these are made in Ireland, and are basically the Irish version of our Monster Munch. They're little claw/foot shaped crisps, in the most foul-smelling but delicious-tasting pickled onion flavour. I loved these, and I felt nostalgic eating them because I always used to have Monster Munch in my packed lunch at school.

Dip N Lik Fla.Vor.Ice // A little lollipop and three sachets of flavoured popping candy - novel, but not something I'd buy. The lollipop is sickly sweet, and the grape flavoured dip was vile. That being said, I loved the berry punch dip (think blue slush favour) and the strawberry one was inoffensive. Fun to eat, very sugary, probably quite good for kids.

worldwide snacks

Lindt Lindor Milk + White // I adore Lindt Lindors, and they're probably my favourite kind of chocolate. I'd never had this particular flavour, and while I don't like them as much as some others, they're still amazing. You got two little chocolate in the bag, and they were limited edition with snowmen on.

Cikolatali Gofret // I hated this - it is, I believe, Turkish. But there was too much wafer and not nearly enough chocolatey goodness. Meh.

pizza pocky pretz thai snack

Pizza Pretz // These are Thai, and I love them - I've tried them before, and they're just incredible. Breadsticks, but thin and pizza flavoured. You can pick them up relatively cheap in Asian supermarkets and I would definitely recommend doing so!

What's your favourite foreign snack - and have you ever tried MunchPak? We (Sam and I) also did a video tasting these snacks if you wannt check it out - click here!

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  1. I'll be 100% honest, I don't think I'd buy any of these in the shop, except for the pizza flavoured breadsticks - they sound like absolute genius!