Monday 25 January 2016

m+m wishlist

Yeah, another wishlist - but I love doing them, because I'm skint as anything so online window shopping is all I can manage right now. M+M Direct are a company I've known of for years, because my dad always used to buy trainers from their catalogue - the site has so much designer sports gear (and clothing) at really discounted prices. It just proves it's worth shopping around!

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I adore this Only high neck dress, and think it would be perfect with tights and a leather jacket at this time of year, but also on it's own with sandals for an evening on holiday! It's also an absolute steal at £6 so it's definitely top of my wishlist. I've never owned a pair of UGG boots, but I've always wanted to - I just can't justify the price. These are *only* £85 which is a lot less than they usually cost, and they're a bit different to your bog-standard pair. I swear if I had some they'd never be off my feet!

This Kangaroo Poo jacket is actually from the men's section, but we all know men's knitwear is way cosier amiriteeee?! It's a zip up cardigan and I love the speckled effect, plus it's less than fifteen quid so I think it would be perfect for lazy library days with leggings. Now, I doubt I'm cool enough to actually pull off this Adidas snap-back but I really want one, especially as I'm going away in a few months and I will need to protect my head from the sun without looking like a loser; it's a tenner which is more than I'd probably pay for a cap, but I could be swayed by the gold details... Again for my holiday I'm lusting after these Nike sliders - I really want some black ones, but these are fun and jazzy and would definitely brighten up a plain outfit! Also, they're only £7 - I can see myself making an order ASAP...

Have you ever bought from M+M direct - let me know!

This post was written in collaboration with M+M Direct but all words, thoughts and opinions are my own. See disclaimer for more info.

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