Wednesday 27 January 2016

EcoEgg Review

Now, this is something you probably never expected to see on The Lilac Scrapbook - I'm reviewing laundry detergent, or whatever the proper name for it is. But obviously I do wash my clothes, and being a student it's not always something I want to splash out on. Plus I have really sensitive skin, and most washing powders/liquids/tabs irritate it.

EcoEgg sent over their 210 washes-Laundry Egg* in the Spring Blossom scent for me to try out, so I've been using it to wash my clothes (duh) and honestly, I'm thrilled with it. Am I an adult now? It hasn't irritated my skin, and it's really handy because I just keep it in the bag that I use to transport clothes from my room to the kitchen, where our washing machine is.

It retails for £9.99 - although the prices go up and down depending on how many washes you want. The smell is very delicate, which is good for anyone with sensitive skin as it means it's not filled with perfume and other nasties. 210 washes for a tenner - the washing powder my mum buys costs the same for 40 washes, making the Laundry Egg around 5 times cheaper. WHAT?! It's a no brain-er.

I would honestly wholeheartedly recommend this to anyone, and as soon as mine runs out I'll be buying the even bigger one (or some refills, whichever works out cheaper). It takes up hardly any room and you can even get little holders for them, AND mine is pink. It's so much cheaper, it's good for sensitive skin - you can get fragrance free ones too - and it's better for the environment, as they're a really eco-friendly company and you're not gonna be throwing away boxes or bottles of washing stuff.

So, what's the catch? THERE QUITE LITERALLY ISN'T ONE. I don't know why everyone doesn't already use these - students especially. Anything for more beer money, right?

Have you tried a laundry egg or anything similar?

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  1. This is such an handy little gadget! It sounds really economical in the long run too! xx

    Gemma ♥ | Miss Makeup Magpie

  2. I sent my daughter off to uni with one too. There is one boxed waiting to go to uni with my son this year. Love my egg