Wednesday 6 January 2016

Creative Writing, January 2016

I wrote this poem on the plane travelling home from Kraków; hope you enjoy it. Feedback is always absolutely welcome!


She was Eliza for two weeks: golden-hearted, jumping feet
first into waves of blushed petals turning bruised with
the heat, purple clouds bouncing, rainwater like stained glass
carving her reflection in shallow puddles.

She was Eliza for two weeks, measured daily, the sun itself
shining through fawns eyes: strength in numbers, blue
mosaic, lullabies on crystal leaves and water without dark
skies - home in a young boys smile every morning.

She was Eliza for two weeks: russet billows spreading, wildfire
sky the whole time even when the sun went down - tears
rolling off limbs and into unexplored places. Flirting with danger
and slow-dancing with the devil, unmasked, in love.

She was Eliza for two weeks, roses entwined in raven hair
and eyes of a raven too: as dark as the souls of
soldiers lying underfoot, bones crunching -  twigs in eye sockets, 
Adam and Eve and a million others turning into smoke.

Thank you for reading!

1 comment:

  1. Omgoodness I think you just collected the most beautiful words in the English language and put them together in a poem! Lullabies on crystal leaves and russet billows alone makes me want to write a story! I love the tears rolling aswell. Thanks for sharing! xxx

    Jesska - Opal Soul