Tuesday 1 December 2015

Small-gift guide

Making a stocking is one of the most fun parts of Chistmas I reckon - my mum normally puts in a magazine, chocolate, an orange that never gets eaten and some other bits and bobs. I've had a root 'round and found some amazing (IMO) stocking fillers for y'all. These presents could also work for Secret Santa, your neighbour or your sibling's partner who you've only met a few times...

Notebooks are one of my favourite things to buy and receive - the lovely guys at Rhodia sent me these notebooks and they are just gorgeous. Amazing quality, almost like Moleskine, in a range of colours with paper that isn't scratchy! They're a couple of quid each and come in all shapes and sizes, and who doesn't love a good notebook? Sam has a Rhodia pad in her bag at all times and I'm already making my way through mine for uni. They do planners and little flip-pads and I just think they're amazing for little presents. click here

This gorgeous bookmark is from a little company called Kutuu - they have some gorgeous stuff, and for an avid reader like myself a bookmark is always a fab present. I'm a notorious corner-folder, so this is hopefully going to change that! It came beautifully packaged and costs £15 - not bad for such a good quality stocking filler. click here

kutuu once upon a time bookmark

You will have seen The Library of Fragrance in my bee-lovers guide if you happened to read it, but they have such an amazing range I thought I'd include them in this one too - this one is Paperback, and it smells like old books which is, really, the best smell in the world. At £15 they're such a brilliant price for perfume, and the scent always lasts for ages. click here

Winter is the time for dry lips, and Lip Smacker are one of the best when it comes to cute lip balms - they do so many flavours and different ranges, and I'd be thrilled to see one or two in my stocking! You can pick them up in so many places and they're only a couple of quid each, so if you're struggling to fill a stocking they're the perfect addition. My favourite of these ones has been the strawberry Fanta! Keep your eyes peeled for Sam and I doing the "chapstick challenge" on YouTube, too...

Candles, candles, candles - we all love 'em and Christmas is the perfect candle-burning time if you ask me. This one is from Primrose Hill and it's the most gorgeous exquisite gingerbread scent. It honestly makes the house smell like someone's baking. To die for, I promise. The regular size is £15 so it's pricey, as candles go, but well worth it as it smells so good and burns really cleanly. click here

A Pony Called Steve are such a lovely company (although Steve himself is pretty lazy and leaves all the work to his humans, so I've heard) and they do the most lovely lovely LOVELY body products. Their scents are: Green Grass, Mojito, Parma Violets and Hothouse Flowers - they do a massive range of products for ya' bathroom, and I've got the soaps and body lotions. Green Grass is my fave smell because honestly it's as if someone just mowed the lawn, and Parma Violets is gorgeous too. They're all bloody gorgeous and the packaging is just adorable, wouldn't you agree?! click here

a pony called steve soaps

When looking for Christmas gifts, places like I Want One Of Those are great to scour (warning though, you'll get lost on there for ages). I have two plates from their Wild Dining collection - the Seal Cub and the Baby Deer. They're cute and quirky and could be used for eating from (duh) or decor - I personally plan to use mine to hold stuff like earrings and hair clips! SO CUTE. They're £8.99 each and there's a few different designs to choose from. click here

iwoot wild dining plates

I don't know if you've heard of PooPourri, but I first saw it when the goddess that is Grace Helbig was talking about it a while back. You spray it down the loo before you use it for a number 2 and voila, there's no smell. Honestly it's magic and my mum regularly texts me to tell me how fantastic it is, because she's had to live with my dad and his stench for 20 odd years... You can get a few different scents AND travel-sized ones so you can use a public toilet without fear of stankinnn' the place up. click here

You may have heard of myBunjee - they were on Dragon's Den, and just so happen to be down the road from me in Chester! This is a typical stocking filler kind of gift, and perfect for a whole range of people, active or not - which I'm certainly not. They work by fitting snugly around your phone and then clipping onto your jeans or whatever, so if you're the kind of person who does extreme sports or often loses your phone, this is one for you! click here

I love tattoos, but I don't always have the money to splash out on some new ink - temporary tattoos have always been something I love, especially the little ones you get in those boxes of candy sticks. My best friend even bought me some One Direction temporary tattoos for Christmas a few years back. The gorgeous Melanie Sykes has collaborated with Glim Glam to offer a gorgeous range of gold temporary tattoos, and they really are lovely. Pricey, at £13.99, but gorgeous nonetheless. Seriously, how many times can I say gorgeous? click here

Here in England it's always bloody freezing, but especially in the winter. Story Horse are a Belfast-based company and they do some incredible knitwear. I have a beanie hat and scarf, and they've become staples in my wardrobe. They're such good quality, and I really think they're worth the price! There's a few different colours to choose from too, and they do wellies and bags and toiletries as well as knitted things. click here and here

I featured Ivy-Joan in my bee lovers' gift guide, and I also have a Seedbom from their website too which is essentially a biodegradable bomb filled with seeds, and you plant it and then over time the packaging disappears leaving flowers behind. I think it's a perfect idea for anyone who gardens, or anyone who's particularly into saving the environment. click here - The code KG10 will get you 10% off on Ivy-Joan!

Aroma Home are a really lovely brand, selling slippers and, well, aroma-y things for your house. I have one of their pillow pets, in the shape of a lamb, which Sam has adopted and now calls Lamby. This is perfect for kids and adults, and it's so soft and cosy. I also have their turquoise body wrap, which is currently being shared by all my housemates because our heating is broken. It smells of lavender and you pop it in the microwave to warm it up. Perfect for winter and achy limbs. click here and here

SOCKS. They're a typical Christmas present, but one of my favourite things is putting on a new pair of socks - I'm aware of how weird that sounds, obviously, but it really thrills me. These ones are the Commander Awesome socks from ChattyFeet and I love them. Simple as, reallyclick here

This post was written in collaboration with Rhodia and contains press samples from them and other people. All thoughts, opinions + words are my own. See my disclaimer for more information!


  1. these are so clever and so lovely! great post :) x
    Shannon || bubblesandfresh.blogspot.ie

  2. These are all so great, Going to have to look into those plates, I fell in love immediately!