Monday 21 December 2015

Kraków Beauty Haul

Kraków is so cheap that it would be an outrage not to pick up some new cosmetics while I was over there, and so I did just that. Our case was overweight flying home, but that could have been something do to with the vodka...

We bought a new Tangle Teezer, because it worked out the equivalent of eight quid which is cheaper than they are at home, and mine is losing it's power. A brand new tangle teezer is one of life's joys I reckon!

Inglot are a brand I don't really know much about, but for ages I've wanted a blue/brown pigment - MAC do one, and so do Illamasqua but I've never had the money to spend on one. The Inglot one, which worked out the equivalent of £7, is gorgeous: it's shade 85 and it looks amazing. It's really soft and lovely too.

In the pharmacy we spotted these face masks - no idea what any of them are, but they worked out at less than a quid each so I'm pretty happy, and I'll definitely update you as time goes on and I get some use out of them!

I was soooo excited to see Wet N Wild in the pharmacy; we can't get it at home, and the eyeshadow palettes are raved about in the online beauty community. I picked up I'm Getting Sunburned, and the shadows are so buttery and really pigmented. I'm absolutely thrilled and I've already got loads of wear out of them. I was expecting the pink shade to look a bit silly, but it honestly looks gorgeous.

Micellar Gel is quite novel to me - I've never really got along with micellar water but for the equivalent of £1 I thought I could probably give this one a go. I actually really liked it, and it will definitely be making an appearance in my favourite waterless cleansers post in the new year!

Sam and I have been stepping up our skincare game lately, and we always use toner in our routine; we decided on this tonik bio aloes - an aloe toner, which is just gorgeous on my sensitive skin. Again it was literally a quid. EVERYTHING IS SO CHEAP.

Last but not least is the crowning glory of this haul, I reckon - banana hair mask. It's a fortifying mask, and it honestly smells like those foam bananas. There's a litre of it and we paid around three quid for it (it's £12 on Amazon). I've been using it root to tip and it leaves my hair feeling incredible.

Want to see the mass of beauty stuff I got for Christmas? 'course you do

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